Today was the first day of going cold turkey with 3 digital detoxes in one hit.

The rules? Simple. No social media. No TV (easy) and no alcohol whatsoever for 4 weeks (not so easy). Here is the (slightly edited) transcript of today's jotting. Commentary in brackets.



  • Woke up an hour earlier
  • 10 pushups
  • Today's goal: Upload this post! And wake up early!
  • (One of the first things I did was) check my phone realising I have no social apps (to check). This is gonna be interesting!
  • I'm already changing some things/habits this morning: feeling better than usual, less self-doubt, more self-control
  • Turned on YouTube to watch a motivational video (!)
  • I want more free time and financial freedom


  • Feeling jittery without checking phone
  • Today, Kanye West posted - I mean - tweeted: "When you first wake up don't hop right on the phone or the Internet... just be still and enjoy your own imagination. It's better than any movie".
  • PS I don't follow Kanye but a friend of mine sent this through to me.
  • I wish I could take photos of the 95% of people eating and either talking to someone or (with their) heads down on the phone.


  • I'm checking LinkedIn more frequently than usual... *shit*
  • Started reading news on the phone again *wtf*
  • On the laptop working on some side work for a client while listening to tunes is making me forget about Instagram or Facebook.
  • Planning to meditate for 5 mins before sleep using Buddify or Headspace app. Any suggestions?
  • Organising my outfit for work tomorrow
  • Locking in some time to plan my weekend
  • Just saw a LinkedIn notification pop up on one of the other tabs. Will refrain. Remain focused. Will check in 10 minutes time once I finish uploading this post!
  • Will aim to sleep before midnight and will report tomorrow. Adios!


  • I felt jittery at times but overall no checking of socials
  • Went for a 20 minute walk around Docklands
  • I noticed things I'd never notice before such as two birds courting, new restaurants
  • Over 90% around me were 'heads down thumbs on' and glued to their phones


Original journal jotting entry below: