Recently we were invited to be a part of the Bagby.Co’s first edition of the Digital Wellness Collaborative Paper. We’re super thrilled to participate in this extensive piece of work, written by Juan Sanchez (Founder and Director of Bagby.Co) and a team of other digital wellbeing lovers.

This collaborative paper focuses on Digital Wellness and the benefits of unplugging from our digital devices.  The title "Phones OFF, Conversations ON" ignites the notion for the need to unplug and be present and have real, deep conversations about this topic.

Juan states, “The goal of this collaborative paper is to join forces to show the world how different people can work together towards a common objective. This goal goes beyond generating profit and can have a positive impact on people who, like us, went through a wake-up call, depression, a negative experience or who are trying launch an idea to make a change in the ultra-connected society we live in.”

Click here to access the Digital Wellness Collaborative Paper v1 2019.

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