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Conquer digital distractions. Become more productive and focused to make time for what you love.
Be part of Reconnected, the original coffee table book that will guide you to improve your digital wellbeing.
A Ditox Anthology mockup Reconnected Book Conquering Digital Distraction

A first-of-its-kind community-driven coffee table book, Reconnected* will be an anthology that will feature a collection of your heartfelt stories, hints and tips to improve digital wellbeing. 

We’re looking for people to share their stories of reconnection and digital wellbeing.

We hope that these stories will inspire you, and future generations, to come.

*Exclusive special edition available. Cover design is not final (mockup only).


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Focus, productivity & inspiration

Reconnected will explore how digital wellbeing can be improved by being more productivefocusing on things that truly matters and what we truly love. Reconnected will inspire you to reconnect with yourself and others in a more healthy way that improves your digital wellbeing.

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Support mental health

It is a tribute to those who may be facing mental health issues from digital consumption such as stress, anxiety or depression. Each book sold will help raise mental health awareness, with 5% of profits donated to Liptember to support women’s mental health.

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Be a part of history

Our promise is that this coffee table book will support and uplift you to remind you that you are not alone – we are all in this together. The world is pushing us to go digital, but it’s nostalgic to connect with tangible collectibles. The more we go digital, the more there is an urge to build a tangible foundation that reconfirms who we really are.



Share a photo that represents your story.


Write your story by answering simple story prompts.


Submissions are currently closed but will be open in April 2022.


At Ditox, we want to improve digital wellbeing by sharing your stories of true human connection.

As we move towards a digital-first world, more people are becoming distracted by digital technology. Research has shown that too much screen time can affect mental wellbeing and diminish productivity. An imbalanced use of digital intake not only distracts us – it strips us from focus, creativity and empathy. Reading printed books improves our brain function in many ways; from increasing memory to empathy and reducing stress and anxiety. Also, imagery helps people understand stories and their meanings.

Through real human connection, now is the perfect time to be mindful and get involved with Reconnected, the original community-driven coffee table book, we want to create something that you can keep for a lifetime. We aim to tackle mental health issues, reduce stigma and improve our brain function by reducing digital distractions and instead, reconnecting with the things we love and more true human connection.


Why should I be a part of this project? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of a community-driven project that sheds light onto stories of true human connection and how people conquer digital distractions.

When do submissions close? TBA

Who can enter? Entry is free to all and open to people of all ages (yes, this includes students of all ages)!

What type of photo story can I send?
 No rude, profanity or sexually explicit content.

How many times can I contribute? Entry submissions are unlimited, so you can submit as many times as you like!

How will my entry be judged? You entry will be judged award-winning global photographer Cihan Bektas, Melbourne-based creative artist Seyhan Camgoz and Ditox Founder Vanessa Tran.

Where will my story be published? Your story will be featured both in the Reconnected book as well as on the Ditox website.

When will Reconncted be published? TBA

Ditoxology Cihan Bektas photographer
Cihan Bektas, Award-winning Photographer

Cihan Bektaş is a Turkish-born Australian photographer, poet, digital art writer and NFT artist. An acclaimed creative, his work is extremely engaging and dynamic, earning Cihan many awards throughout his artistic endeavours including the Australian Photographer of the Year by Canon in 2019 and winner of the SUNSTUDIOS emerging photographer award for his portrait series, Her, in the same year.

His series Her, a photographic love note and tribute to his wife also went on to earn Cihan a runner up award for the Australian Photography award presented by Nokia in 2020. The exhibition and book was presented in distinguished galleries and appreciated by art lovers around the world.

A true global artist, Cihan has held exhibitions in Turkey, England, Russia, Australia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. His personal portfolio is showcased at cihanbektas.net and available online at cihanbektastudio.com.

Ditoxology Seyhan Camgoz Photographer
Seyhan Camgoz, Creative Artist & Photographer

Seyhan Camgoz is a Melbourne based photographer and creative artist, known for her storytelling approach. She is equally interested in the moments and her works consist of sequences to implement these moments on still photographs.

“I am not interested in what something looks like, I am passionate about exploring what it feels like while photographing my subjects.”

Her work and style are influenced by many different aspects of historical art. She likes to look at pictures and all kinds of art forms from history to inspire and create her compositions. She can get obsessed with anything if she observes long enough.

Her works feature an array of subjects, including celebrity portraits, female nudes, self-portraits, and still-life images. Her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in photography came before her further education studies in photography and film. Seyhan graduated with a Master of Photography from the Deakin University of Melbourne, Australia.

Ditoxology webpage Vanessa Tran portrait judge
Vanessa Thao Tran, Ditox Founder & Creative Writer

Vanessa Tran is an Australian-born Vietnamese marketer raised in Melbourne, known for her creative mental health advocacy, and her wide digital marketing industry experience.

Vanessa has studied linguistics and creative writing, and is currently a content writer and producer for an award-winning edtech company. Her work has been featured in retail stores, on websites and in the sky. She has been fortunate enough to work and live in Qatar, working with Qatar Airways, the World’s Best Airline and producing global creative marketing services.

She also focuses on Ditox, a community-driven movement designed to help people be less distracted and more reconnected. 

Like many, Vanessa has experienced burnout as well as anxiety and depression. She has gone to the brink, perched on the horizon, and made it back. Her mental toughness and resilience is now stronger than ever and has now made her life a pleasure to experience.

If Vanessa’s goal is to help just one person – including you – feel less scared, less alone and more connected in this new digital world, then she has done her job.