Featured: Ditox ‘Pink Moon’ Party at New York City.

Ditox Film

Ditox is a 2022 documentary film co-written by Thao V. Tran.

In a world filled with technology and digital devices, Ditox is a documentary collection of selected heartfelt stories of art, music and human connection to improve digital wellbeing, mental strength and health.

The documentary examines how digital technology and social media comforts, protects and unites people to manifest mental strength and wellbeing.

The film also examines the effects of art and music on social media to foster relationships, strengthen culture and reduce rising mental illness and suicide rates.

Ditox offers a nuanced look at technology, and unbuckles society’s current distorted view on how social media uses people to be scapegoats for propaganda and complex societal problems.

Instead, the film highlights the importance of good intentions that tech founders have on algorithms to improve people’s experiences and daily interactions. The film aims to feature insightful interviews with actors, musicians, artists and executives from top tech companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok.

The interviewees draw on their own digital technology experiences from their creative projects to discuss how their work has cultivated positive change on culture and society.

These interviews are presented alongside stories of teenagers’ responsible social media ‘ditox’ experiment and an adult’s ambition for finding purpose and happiness. These stories draw attention to the notion of nurturing self-care of the radicalization and future of digital wellbeing.

Ditox takes us on an emotive, mental journey.

It explores the power of digital detoxing and language analytics as a pivotal way to boosting mental strength, creativity and overall mental health. The interviewees discuss the power of perspective on their social media, how social media and search algorithms can be a positive support on personal growth, the law of attraction and evolution.

The film also examines how social media platforms have positively impacted the spread of media and how employers, businesses and the entertainment industry can use digital technology as a tool for finding talent.

Overall, Ditox portrays a positive spin on the power of social media and technology, and offers educational, insightful solutions on how to ‘hack’ your mind to create a healthy ‘ditox’ on the power of new perspectives on tech, language and mindset.

Technology and social media have the ability to collaborate us, and not control us, if we use it well.

It’s down to us – as individuals and as a collective – to take accountability and use the ideas and tips from Ditox to help people tell their own online narrative by fostering their newfound creative energy for the betterment of the world.