Ditox Partnerships

What We Do

Ditox recognises and values collaboration as a fundamental piece needed to address the needs of individuals and communities that we serve. 

Building on our mission of creating awareness, advocacy and education for digital wellness, we are vested in creating a comprehensive network of partners. 

We define digital wellbeing as a balance between digital and non-digital interaction.

Through Ditox partnerships, we empower individuals and communities to be more aware and equipped to improve their overall mental health.

Our goal is to develop unique and collaborative partnerships that align with our values.

Become A Ditox Partner

Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, we want you to join us as a partner and become a catalyst of change. We’d love to hear about your organisation and how we can work together.

Please complete the partnership form to provide information about you or your organisation and why you’d like to partner with us.

Below are our partnership opportunities: 

  1. Corporate & Brand – Corporations or brands that are interested in incorporating digital wellbeing as part of their brand strategies
  2. Employee & Workplace Mental Health – Organisations that are interested in employee mental health to create a healthy workplace through digital wellbeing awareness
  3. Fundraising – Non-profit organisations or charities interested in collaborating to raise funds and awareness for digital wellbeing and mental health.
  4. Media/Public Relations – Organisations and media focused efforts seeking to collaborate with MHA on public relation and/or media specific activities.

Please complete the partnership form or contact us via email at hello@ditox.co for more information.