We are a digital wellness company dedicated to balancing human interaction with digital technology. Ditox exists because people rely heavily on technology and should rethink how they spend their time.

Our vision is to help people reimagine their lives from being distracted to reconnected.

We aim to help people refocus, become more self-aware and reconnect with others and themselves. Through awareness, we inspire and help people live with more genuine connections and a meaningful life.

Ditox is a new way of living.

What We Do

Digital Ditox Events

Put your phones away, you’re in for a treat. Join a Ditox mindful event, as we promote digital wellness and human reconnection. 

Ditox Creative Arts

We’re creating a special and unique creative arts project, designed specifically around digital wellness. Stay tuned for more.

Win A Free Gift

WIN 1 of 10 best-selling self-development books of all time. Simply fill in the form and you’ll be in the draw to win a best-seller.


Our team

Vanessa Thao Tran

CEO & CO-Founder

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Vanessa is a mental health advocate for preventative mental health organisation Voice Of Health, and a supporter for Liptember to promote positive mental health. She is also a Senior Content Producer at Keypath Education Asia-Pacific.

David Hoang


David Hoang is a Digital Media Director based in San Francisco, USA. As a parent to a tween, David understands the importance of reducing his son's screen time to spend more time interacting with other people. He is also an advocate for men's mental health.


Unforgettable memories

Whether you've attended a Ditox event or being a part of the community, you'll connect with people and share unforgettable memories.

Mental health obsessed

We are serious about improving the lives of those been affected or know anyone affected by mental health issues.

Reimagine & reconnect

Connect with others and reconnect with yourself. Reimagining what your life could be if you could make digital detoxing work for you.