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Who We Are

DITOX is a movement dedicated to balancing human interaction with digital technology. We want people to create a balanced lifestyle.

Our vision is to help people redesign their lives, from being distracted to reconnected.

DITOX exists because people rely heavily on technology and should rethink how they spend their time.

We aim to help people refocus, become more self-aware and reconnect with others and themselves. Through awareness, we inspire and help people live with more genuine connections and a meaningful life.

DITOX is the new way of living.

Ditox Partnership Program

We recognise and value collaboration as a fundamental piece needed to address the needs of individuals and communities that we serve. Building on our mission to create awareness, advocacy and education for digital wellness, we are vested in creating a network of partners. 

Our goal is to develop unique and collaborative partnerships that align with our values.

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Top Digital Detox Facts

People spend almost 17 years of our lives on our phones.

When we sit at least 5 hours a day at the computer we experience digital eye strain, poor posture, stress and more. We’re checking our phones in bed and before we sleep. Being reliant on digital technology may keep us up at night with poor sleep and sleep deprivation. Social media has adverse effects on sleep and mood, increasing the likelihood of anxiety, insomnia and shorter sleep duration.

The average U.S. adult sits 6.5 hours a day. For teens, it’s even more.

A child gets their first smartphone at 10 years old.

Generation Z spend an average screen time over 7 hours each day. 50% of teens are addicted to their smartphones. 78% of teens check devices hourly.

By digital detoxing, 50% of teens will have hobbies, enjoy nature and outdoors and 78% create meaningful life experiences.

Don’t miss out on experiencing life.

Instead, be present and experience it. Don’t walk across the street, head down looking at your phone, oblivious to the world.

Get outdoors for a minimum 20 minutes a day to experience nature.

Close your eyes… imagine yourself one with nature. Be aware of what’s around you and take it all in.

Be authentic and vulnerable.

You may think you’re connected through digital technology, but you’re not truly connecting or interacting with people and your surroundings.

Now – more than ever – is the time to DITOX.

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The Definition

noun UK /dee·toks/ US /dee·ta:ks/

‣ to undergo a period of time to rid the mind of digital influences and distractions

‣ a period when you stop using your smartphone and/or tablet, in order to improve your health and experience human interaction in real life

“She went on a 4-hour ditox, reading her new favorite book, journalling and speaking with her friends.”

verb UK /dee·toks/ US /dee·ta:ks/

‣ to experience a digital detox

“I’ve checked my phone way too many times; I really need to have a ditox.”

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